Allen Engineered Hardwood Laminate Flooring

At Dungans Floors Walls & Windows, we offer Allen engineered hardwood flooring options that help you achieve the look and feel of solid hardwood floors without the expense and inconvenience.

The most basic thing to know about hardwood floors is the fact that there are two types. Solid hardwood floors are thick planks of woods that can be installed. Laminate floors in Allen TX are comprised of several, very thin wood panels that are laminated together.

Thanks to advanced technology and the expert installers at Dungans, engineered hardwood floors in Allen TX are not necessarily any different looking than solid hardwood floors. You can achieve the same beauty with a laminate floor.

Why many customers choose laminate flooring in Allen

Both options provide you with an elegant product for your flooring needs. However, choosing Allen engineered hardwood flooring comes with a variety of benefits:

  • Cost-efficient: Laminate flooring costs a fraction of what solid hardwood floors would cost. This is important for customers on a budget. Plus, you are not compromising the aesthetic appeal of your floor, because laminate floors look just as good.
  • Easy to install: The fact that laminate floors in Allen TX are easier to install minimizes the risk that the floor will not be installed perfectly. Laminate floors leave less room for unforeseen obstacles.
  • Minimize maintenance and repairs: Laminate floors are also a great option when it comes to limiting maintenance and the need for repairs. This is a durable option that can take punishment in the form of spills, foot traffic and more. Laminate floors stay looking great.

Pine, Maple, Oak and everything in between, Dungans offers an extensive inventory of products and will help you find the perfect solution for your project. We carry over 30 years of experience in the industry, and will lend you our keen eyes.

Allen engineered hardwood flooring is perfect for many applications. Rely on the leading provider by trusting Dungans Floors Walls & Windows.

Allen Engineered Hardwood Laminate Flooring
Allen Engineered Hardwood Laminate Flooring