Why choose carpet?

For the past 30 years, Dungan’s Floors has been the No. 1 location for new carpet & area rugs in McKinney. We work hard to bring in a wide variety of carpet options so that you can find exactly what you need for your home, with an eye to a range of styles and preferences. We also source the best carpet options and seek the best price points so that we can pass those savings and quality on to you. If you have been looking for a carpet floor installer in McKinney, our team can help with every step in the process: Considering your options, choosing a style, setting up the installation and finishing the project. When you come to us for a carpet floor installation in Mckinney, you just know your home is going to be stunning.

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Why Should You Choose Carpet Floors in McKinney?

Hiring a carpet floor installer in McKinney gives you a product with numerous advantages, helping you discover flooring that you love. Some of the benefits of opting for a carpet floor installation in Mckinney include:

  • Carpet gives you nearly unlimited color and style choices. This is really a way to put your own mark on your home. It’s incredibly versatile, and you can find everything from soft, kid-friendly carpet for families to luxurious, high-end options for formal living spaces.
  • Carpet floors in McKinney can help you stick to your budget, as they’re a cost-effective option when compared to some other flooring types. You don’t have to spend as much as you think to rejuvenate your home and give it the beautiful feel you’re after.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are easy. Consistent vacuuming keeps the carpet looking new, and you can take things a step further with annual steam cleaning. Even spills and stains can usually be combatted if you simply clean them right away with the proper cleaners.
  • As a carpet floor installer in McKinney will attest, carpet is often considered more relaxing and comfortable than any other type of flooring. It’s warmer in cold weather, it makes it easier for kids and pets to play on the floor and it adds a general sense of comfort to the entire home.

A carpet installation and sales in McKinney is a terrific way to make an older home look new again, to make your home more family-friendly after having a child or just to give yourself an invigorating style change. If you are interested in high-quality carpet floors in McKinney that can be professionally installed and fit your budget, just give us a call today!


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The Advantages of Area Rugs

For spreading personality around a room, the area rug has few rivals. What could be more elegant than an heirloom quality Oriental area rug atop a gleaming hardwood floor, or more charming than a handcrafted braided area rug on timeworn pine planks. In myriad styles and prices, versatile area rugs set the mood-and more.

Beyond beauty, these stage-setters are hardworking area rug design elements. Area rugs bring softness and warmth to any hard-surface floor, instantly infuse color and pattern into a space, and make comely cover-ups for soiled or damaged carpet. Area rugs are great unifiers, sparking entire color schemes. One of the best decorating strategies is to use area rugs to define specific activity centers within a room, especially important in large rooms and in today’s flowing, open-plan homes. For example, let one area rug set boundaries for a conversation area and another area rug outline a dining spot. Area rugs can be used alone or in conjunction with a commercial carpet installer.

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