McKinney Commercial Carpet Tiles Installation

If you don’t know where to turn for McKinney commercial carpet tiles installation, then rely on the company with 34 years of experience in the industry. Dungans Floors Walls & Windows specializes in this service, and can handle all of your other flooring needs — both residential and commercial.

Commercial carpet tiles in McKinney TX can replace a stained, ripped or otherwise damaged area of carpeting without forcing you to pay the high price involved with getting all new carpeting.

This damage happens often in a commercial setting, and it simply isn’t economical to replace your carpet every time it does. With our commercial carpet installation in McKinney TX, you can look out for your company’s financial bottom line, all while keeping your floors looking great.

When are carpet tiles necessary?

Depending on where the carpet is installed, or how heavy the foot traffic is, some companies utilize our McKinney commercial carpet tiles installation more than others. Think of the following instances:

  • Stains: From toner, ink, paint, food, beverages and more, carpets in a commercial setting are very susceptible to stains. While your first plan of action should be to try to clean the stain, this is often not possible. That’s when carpet tiles come in handy.
  • Rips, tears or gouges: Whether it’s a result of foot traffic, machinery or something else, you don’t want to keep large and unsightly gouges in your carpet. With our commercial carpet tiles in McKinney TX, we can patch this damage up quickly and efficiently.

Covering your flooring needs

Dungans does so much more than install carpet tiles. From hardwood floors to tile flooring options, our experienced staff can help you find the chose that works best for you — or even design something special for you.

We also staff expert installers to handle your project, resulting in nothing but the best craftsmanship. When your carpet sustains damage, check with Dungans first to see if our McKinney commercial carpet tiles installation can fix the problem.

McKinney Commercial Carpet Tiles Installation
McKinney Commercial Carpet Tiles Installation