McKinney Hardwood Floors

At Dungans Floors Walls & Windows, we offer McKinney hardwood floors that will enhance the look and feel off your home or commercial building. Hardwood floors have never gone out of style, nor will they. Featuring a rich, natural look, our team will give you access to this beautiful flooring option in a way that fits your budget.

For decades, we have served the local community as a leader in McKinney hardwood flooring. Dungans offers:

  • Extensive inventory: While some fly-by-night flooring retailers carry around a trunk full of samples to show you, we invite you to visit our flooring showroom in McKinney. Here, you will find, not just a long list of hardwood flooring options, but tile, carpeting, vinyl, natural stone and more.
  • Expert installers: McKinney hardwood floors must be installed with precision and accuracy. We staff expert installers who get the job done right. These factory-trained men and women will not only executed the job flawlessly, but we make sure it gets done on time.
  • Strong customer service: Either visit our flooring studio in McKinney TX or give us a call. Our customer service representatives boast an extensive knowledge of our products and will help you out any way possible.

Transform your home or office

We install hardwood floors in McKinney for both residential and commercial clients. The beautiful aesthetic of hardwood, along with its durability, makes it the right, and economical choice.

Along with our McKinney hardwood flooring options, we also offer laminate flooring to capture that same look, but also save you a little money on your bottom line. We want to meet your needs, no matter what they might be.

A diverse range of clients has relied on us for McKinney hardwood floors. We are the most trusted resource in McKinney and look forward to working with you.

McKinney Hardwood Floors
McKinney Hardwood Floors