McKinney Kitchen Countertops Bathroom

Dungan’s Floors might specialize in working with clients with flooring needs, but our experienced team also handles a vast array of other services, like helping you design and install McKinney kitchen countertops.

This project in particular is best left up to the professionals. After all, your kitchen counter is essentially the focal point to the entire room — which so happens to be one of the most popular rooms in the house.

When you are shopping for kitchen countertops in McKinney TX, you want a solution that is:

  • Durable: Think of all the things you drop on your counter, or the constant pounding it takes while you prepare meals and other food on it. You want a countertop that can take a beating over time and still look great.
  • Stain resistant: Similarly, you can plan on spilling plenty of food and drink on your counter. We offer McKinney kitchen countertops that don’t show these stains and are easy to clean.
  • Looks good: Yes, your kitchen counter should be practical, but it also needs to look great to complement the rest of the home. Dungan’s Floors uses the top products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, so you can count on kitchen countertops in McKinney TX that look great.

Our capabilities don’t end in the kitchen either. Dungan’s Floors specializes in installing and repairing McKinney bathroom vanities. Bathroom vanities are similar to countertops in the fact that our clients want solutions that look good and can also weather the wear and tear that comes each day without looking dull and dingy.

When it comes to installing bathroom vanities in McKinney TX, our team works quickly but also produces superior work. It’s the ideal balance.

From McKinney kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, backsplashes and more, Dungan’s Floors has you covered. Simply contact our staff and tell us a little more about your project.

McKinney Kitchen Countertops Bathroom
McKinney Kitchen Countertops Bathroom