Plano Kitchen Countertops Bathroom

You have to be careful when you are shopping around for Plano kitchen countertops or similar products. There are so many retailers out there, and like all industries, there are a few “less-than-reputable” businesses you must avoid.

With Dungan’s Floors, we have our roots in this local community, and have for over 30 years. Dungan’s Floors does it all — floors, walls, windows and even specialty projects like bathroom vanities, sink back splashes and kitchen countertops in Plano TX.

Your project starts in our showroom

We invite you to step inside our showroom to check out some of the best products produced by some of the most skilled names in the industry. While other retailers carry their “showroom” around with them, we let you see how these samples look first hand and allow you to take your time shopping for Plano kitchen countertops.

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, simply consult with one of our team members. We have specialists that can guide your search for the right kitchen countertops in Plano TX.

Dungan’s can give your bathroom a facelift

In addition to our work with kitchen countertops, our experienced team also deals a lot with Plano bathroom vanities. We provide our clients with surface solutions that are durable, water resistant and look good. This is everything you could want in a bathroom vanity.

Our bathroom vanities in Plano TX also come at a competitive price. That’s one of the things that we take great pride in — offering superior service and products, but keeping the cost manageable so that anyone and everyone can access this helpful service.

The kitchen and bathroom are two very important rooms of your home. Make sure you have style and practicality in both of them by working with Dungan’s Floors. We want to show you what we have to offer in regards to Plano kitchen countertops. Contact us now.

Plano Kitchen Countertops Bathroom
Plano Kitchen Countertops Bathroom