Why choose tile?

When you choose tile floors in McKinney today, you have far more options than you did in the past. Gone are the days of generic, bland tile. The options you’ll find at Dungan’s Floors are just as durable and affordable as ever, but you get many stunning design choices. Your tile floor installer in McKinney can show you tiles that mimic the stark beauty of stone, the natural warmth and allure of hardwoods, or the intricate patterns and artistic designs that you can only get with tile itself. No matter what atmosphere you’re trying to create or what theme you’ve settled on, you can get it with a tile floor installation in McKinney.

Apartment room with carpeting

The many advantages of tile floors in McKinney

Here at Dungan’s, we would love to talk to you about all of the options and advantages you get when you hire a tile floor installer in McKinney. If you’re still on the fence in terms of materials, consider the following:

  • Tile floors are easy to clean and maintain. After your tile floor installation in Mckinney, your home will look amazing for decades.
  • Tiles are durable, standing up to pets, children, high traffic zones, water spills and much more. When you want flooring that lasts, choose tile.
  • Despite the fact that they can last for life, tile floors in Mckinney are often much more affordable than other flooring options. If you are on a budget but you still want the floor of your dreams, this is the way to get it.
  • You can mimic many other styles. As noted above, your tile floor installer in McKinney can show you options that mimic stone, wood or anything else — right down to the grain. Many people who want the beauty of hardwoods but need a more durable, long-lasting option will choose tile. The look and feel are virtually the same, but these are great for use in bathrooms, kitchens and other such areas of the home.

If you do choose a tile floor installation in McKinney, you need experienced, dependable tile floor contractors who stand behind their work. That’s what you get when you pick our team. To learn more about your options or to order your brand new tile floors in Mckinney, just give us a call now at 214-592-0601 or email us at customer@dungansfloors.com.